In 1972 a small local group of North and South Carolina steel erectors formed a non-profit organization that was then known as the Steel Erector's Association of the Carolinas (SEAC). Later, with the addition of members from Virginia, the association changed its name to the Steel Erector's Association of Virginia and the Carolinas (SEAVAC). The organization quickly grew to represent steel erectors and associated companies throughout the United States and in 1992 became known as the Steel Erectors Association of America (SEAA).

According to founding President and current member Eddie Williams of Buckner Companies, "It has been a rewarding experience to work with the large number of volunteers and limited paid staff that have helped mold us into as association representing hundreds of erectors nationwide."

As a national organization the SEAA wields significant political clout and is widely respected by other groups including the AISC, SJI, SDI, NISD, CCO, AGC, ABC, NEA, AWS and OSHA.

With 16 video training programs available (two more under development) in English and Spanish, DVD or VHS format, along with seven guides and manuals, SEAA stands as the industry leader in providing training programs for the steel erection industry.

SEAA has always stood at the leading edge of training, resource development and regulatory practices and will continue to keep its members aware of future changes that may impact their businesses. Working with related organizations like AISC and NISD, SEAA will in the future continue to bring the right information in the right format at the right time so its members can be best prepared to meet the business challenges ahead.

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