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Raise the Roof on Ironworker Safety, Productivity with the SEAA/NCCER Ironworker Craft Training Program


Become a SEAA/NCCER Accredited Training Unit and/or Authorized Assessment Site

Member companies seeking to integrate Ironworker training as part of their business model benefit from becoming SEAA/NCCER accredited and authorized. Participation in the program means your company can provide Nationally Recognized Industry Credentials for Ironworkers, setting you apart from competitors as a quality employer, and helping you attract and retain the best craft professionals.
As a member of SEAA, you can participate under NCCER’s Sponsorship of SEAA as an oversight organization, cutting your costs and administrative requirements as compared to going direct through NCCER.

Benefits for Members

Flexible programs featuring SEAA Ironworker Certification, NCCER Ironworker Certification, Company Specific Modules, and Qualified Rigger/Signalperson Credentials

  • SEAA oversight for NCCER Sponsorship of your company
  • NCCER Training for your instructors, performance evaluators, and coordinators
  • Administration support for managing trainee records and test completions
  • Assistance with communicating and delivering training opportunities to SEAA members
  • Connections to other business sponsors throughout the United States
  • Access to SEAA’s US DOL Approved Apprenticeship Program

Become an authorized Training Unit and Assessment Site Today

Craft Training and Assessment Coordinator
Tim Eldridge, President, Education Services Unlimited

SEAA Executive Director
Tom Underhill

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SEAA Craft Training Grant

Become an NCCER accredited Training Unit, TU, and Assessment Site, AAS, and provide your employees industry recognized training and credentials. As an Assessment site you can verify the knowledge and skill level of current and potential employees and provide a training prescription to meet the needs of each individual. Individuals passing both knowledge and performance verification are awarded the NCCER Certified Plus designation.
As a Training Unit you can purchase and deliver curriculum materials for all craft areas. While our goal is to grow the Iron Worker Craft Training program, Assessment Sites and Training Units are not limited to a single craft area. NCCER curriculum is available for over 67 craft areas.

The SEAA Education Committee will award the SEAA Craft Training Grant, not to exceed $4500.00, to a member company at the 2018 SEAA Conference.
This grant will pay for the initial TU/AAS set up, administrator, instructor and coordinator training, plus a set of both instructor and trainee customized texts for the SEAA Iron Worker Levels 1 – 3 and electives. Companies pursuing other craft areas can substitute textbooks for that craft area.

To apply: Complete and return the SEAA Grant Application below and send all documentation to  by March 15, 2018.

Click here to download the application packet.