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Stud Welding Associates, Inc.

Since its inception in Elyria (Cleveland), Ohio in 1982, Stud Welding Associates, Inc. has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers and distributors or stud welding products in the U.S.

The company’s product line includes all types of studs, accessories and equipment while providing service to all makes and models. The company also provides technical assistance, application development, and certification programs.

Products manufactured by Stud Welding Associates comply with all required industry standards such as American Welding Society ANSI / AWS D1.1 Welding Code, British Standards 5950 and 5400, and Canadian Welding Bureau CSA W59 to name just a few. Standard stud products manufactured by Stud Welding Associates are manufactured from ASTM A 108 or ASTMA-496 mild steel or 18/8 stainless steel grades. Other material grades are available upon request.

Strict adherence to quality control procedures registered to ISO 9001 standards ensures customers receive quality products. Furthermore, Stud Welding Associates has complete traceability to mill material test reports and provides its customers with certification of each heat number purchased.

The company maintains a full range of weld studs, stud welding systems, accessories, and rental equipment in stock at the Elyria manufacturing facility as well as at company warehouses across the United States. To provide the best technical support, through a direct sales force and distributor customers, Stud Welding Associates has brought together a resource group of over 40 professionals representing over 600 years of experience in the stud welding industry.

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SEAA Member United Rentals Assists After Tornado

The massive tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma destroyed blocks of homes, leaving thousands homeless, and at least 24 people dead.

“With a disaster of this scope, we expect all of our capabilities to be involved in the cleanup and rebuilding efforts - this includes our aerial, trench safety and tool units, as well as our government service specialists,” said David Stewart, director, Customer Care Center, United Rentals.

“We have approximately 70 employees who work in five United Rentals locations in or near the area where the tornado hit. They are currently all involved in the recovery efforts, supported by many other people within our company, including our Emergency Response Team,” he added.

United brought in additional employees from outside the immediate vicinity to assist with ongoing operations, which allowed its employees who were most impacted to focus on stabilizing their own situations.

“At least two of our employees had their homes completely destroyed, although thankfully no one was hurt, and another dozen or so had damage to their homes,” Stewart said. “In addition, we have deployed the United Rentals Emergency Response Unit (ERU) to help the community and assist our customers who are involved in the recovery efforts.”

The ERU is a high-tech, mobile command center that gives the rental company a self-powered base of operations at a disaster site. The unit had previously been located in West Texas where it was assisting with cleanup efforts following the fertilizer plant explosion. 

United had immediate requests in Moore, OK for temporary lighting solutions to ensure that first responders could continue to work through the night. Then the company brought in earth- and debris-moving equipment, including front-end loaders, skid steers and other equipment. It also provided temporary power and climate control equipment to assist in the cleanup and the infrastructure re-establishment.  

United Rental’s Emergency Response Process

According to Stewart, United Rentals has a specific process that clicks into place once emergency response protocol has been launched. 

“With Moore, for example, members of our regional and district leadership, our corporate emergency response team and our senior leadership held a call to review the protocol within two hours of the tornado’s strike,” Stewart said. “Our first order of business in any disaster is always to account for our employees and their families. In this case, we learned that while everyone was safe, 10 employees were in immediate need of housing. We were able to secure hotel rooms for them that same night, and we’re working on longer-term solutions.”

After United’s people are accounted for, the next step is to evaluate whether any of its locations have been impacted. The company then assesses what people in the community will likely need in terms of equipment and supplies. 

“With the Moore tornado, we had trucks rolling within hours, carrying additional fleet to supplement the equipment at our area branches,” Stewart said. Many times, in situations like the Moore tornado or Hurricane Sandy, equipment rental companies often work side by side with first responders – and, oftentimes – “competitors.” 

“It’s the nature of our business – and it’s a source of pride in our industry that we’re in a position to help,” Stewart said regarding working with other rental outfits. “Because of our scale, United Rentals is in a unique position to provide support by drawing on fleet from across the country if necessary,” Stewart said. “We will do everything in our power to help this community get back on its feet.”

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Person of the Year

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William Davis Service Award

The William Davis Service Award is given each year in memory of William Davis, who gave outstanding and longtime service to the association. Individuals are recognized for being active recruiters and for promoting the ideals for which the SEAA was founded. Winners are selected by the SEAA Board of Directors. 

   Left: Alan Sears, Awards Committee Chair, presenting the Person of the Year Award for 2012 posthumously to George R. Pocock. 
   Right: Tom Underhill, SEAA Executive Director, presenting Bruce Basden with the William Davis Service Award for 2013.               


Person of the Year


William Davis Service Award

Year Person Company    
    Year Person Company
2004 Chip Pocock Buckner Companies    
    2004 Jim Larson Phoenix Steel Erectors
2005 Bruce Basden Basden Steel Corporation    
    2005 Eddie Williams Buckner Companies
2006 Tom McAleese Indusco Group    
    2006 George Pocock Construction Insurance Agency, Inc.
2007 Duff Zimmerman Cooper Steel    
    2007 Not Awarded
2008 Pete Walker Phoenix Steel Erectors    
    2008 Bob Beckner Peterson Beckner Industries, Inc.
2009 Dave Schulz Schulz Iron Works, Inc.    
    2009 Not Awarded
2010 Alan Sears Nucor-Vulcraft Group    
    2010 Richard Tucker SteelFab, Inc.
2011 George Pocock Construction Insurance Agency, Inc.    
    2011 Chip Pocock Buckner Companies
2012 Jim Larson Phoenix Steel Erectors (Ret.)    
    2012 Bruce Basden Basden Steel Corporation
2013 Ed Valencia
LPR Construction Company
    2013 Alan Sears
Nucor-Vulcraft Group