Board of Directors

Steve Burkholder

Stephen C. Burkholder | S&R Enterprises, LLC, Harrisburg, PA

After serving on the Board for the last decade, Stephen Burkholder is SEAA’s current President, through 2015.  Mr. Burkholder is focused on new initiatives to take the association into the future, via building new relationships with other industry associations, OSHA, new members and a focus on “Craft Training”.  

Serving as President definitely keeps Steve busy, for when he is not performing his duties with SEAA, he is managing his own company’s, S&R Enterprises, a steel and precast erector operating in the Continental United Sates and Caribbean.  S&R is committed to being an industry leader by providing professional, safe services to the steel/precast industry by operating with integrity and accountability. By remaining committed to SEAA, he continues to associate himself with the industry’s elite performers as he maintains his own company’s reputation while contributing to the future strength of the industry.  

S & R is proud to be the recipient of the 2007 Erection Class II Project of the Year and most recently the 2012 Class III Project of the Year award for the Pegula Ice Arena at Penn State University.  They recognize the importance of relationships in the steel construction industry and strive to maintain high levels of integrity in a competitive market.  S&R also is strongly committed to the association’s new craft training initiatives and to creating fiduciary relationships with OSHA that will serve the construction industry well into the future.

Stephen is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University and an avid golfer. His commitment to his wife, Lisa, their two daughters, Alexis and Maurah, and two sons, Zachary and Brayden is evident in all aspects of his life.