SEAA Board of Directors

Carrie Sopuch-Gulajan

Carrie Gulajan 12-8-14

Carrie Sopuch-Gulajan | Construction Insurance Agency, Inc., Manassas, VA

Carrie Gulajan was appointed to the SEAA Board of Directors in 2011. She is the President of Construction Insurance Agency, Inc. and their agency has been an active member of SEAA since 1994.
Mrs. Gulajan has been an active supporter at the SEAA golf outings during the annual Convention and Trade Show as well as the annual Educational Fundraising Golf Tournament and has been played invaluable part in making the events a huge success for many years. She also serves as the 2014 Convention Committee Chairperson for the association.

Carrie has been active in the insurance and steel erection industry since 1989. Over the years she’s worked in multiple aspects of the industry including for an insurance carrier, a steel erection & bridge girder manufacturing company and in 1998 joined Construction Insurance. She is a graduate of Fairmont State University. 

Carrie and her husband, Allen, have two sons and a daughter.  When not attending soccer matches with her children, she enjoys a quiet evening off.