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Duke Perry

Duke Perry | Bluearc Stud Welding, Braselton, GA

Duke Perry has been in the stud welding industry since 2001. As a second generation Perry, he has been fortunate to learn from one of the best in the business with 40+ years of experience, Doug Perry, his father.

Mr Perry has a wealth of experience and knowledge in sales, as well as providing technical support and repair for all makes of stud welding equipment. Although sales had been his primary focus, 2009 brought about new challenges. He was hired by Image Industries, Inc. to head up sales, marketing and to advise manufacturing in the production of the new construction line of weld studs known as Bluearc.

In addition, Duke has worked with the various DOT locations throughout the country with weld base qualifications, as well as the Canadian Welding Bureau.

Duke and his wonderful wife, Diane, have 2 wonderful kids that are 6 and 3. One of Duke’s favorite hobbies is playing tennis and says, “the best part of my day is when I open the garage and both girls are jumping up and down with joy because DADDY is home.”