SEAA Board of Directors

Tom Underhill

Tom Underhill | Steel Erectors Association of America, Winston-Salem, NC

Tom Underhill’s, SEAA’s Executive Director, started work in late October, 2011 as interim director. Tom has spent the past 2 years gaining knowledge of the SEAA office and processes while working on the convention planning and many other SEAA projects. His successful oversight of the SEAA Annual Convention and many other events demonstrate his effective combination of business leadership, experience with SEAA, and industry knowledge

Tom is well-known to many long-time members as a SEAA member and past SEAA president, bringing knowledge of the organization and its history as well as sound business experience.

Tom graduated from Virginia Military Institute with a BS in Civil Engineering. He spent 12 years with Brenner Steel before starting Tri Steel, Inc., based in Winston-Salem, NC, in 2000. Tom and his wife Travis now reside in Fancy Gap, VA.