SEAA’s newest Training Unit, Adaptive Construction Solutions, rapidly expands in Texas market
Date:  9/20/2016
ArticleType:  Member News

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SEAA’s newest Training Unit, Adaptive Construction Solutions, rapidly expands in Texas market

Adaptive Construction Solutions Inc., Houston, Texas, recruits, trains and integrates Veterans into the Ironworking industry. Adaptive Construction Solutions, which opened its doors in June, completed its first four training classes providing more than 70 veterans with introductory ironworking training and careers with notable Houston steel erection companies like Empire Steel, Steelco and Postel International.

The company has fostered quick success, growth and expansion by creating a culture of camaraderie and “can-do” attitude that attracts Veterans and employers alike. In a few short months, Adaptive Construction Solutions and its partners have already expanded their Ironworking projects from Southeast Texas to Central Texas. The company’s sights are set on developing business relationships and opportunities outside of Texas, as well as diversifying the skilled labor from Ironworking to other related industries.

To support these ambitions, Adaptive Construction Solutions is developing a Strategically Customized Registered Apprenticeship Program (SCRAP). A Registered Apprenticeship program is a simple and effective way to attract and increase retention of well-disciplined Veterans into hard-to-fill or retain positions and provide them with the specific skills and knowledge to perform their duties. A customized program is designed around existing company specific training limiting the need to develop or change curriculum.

Adaptive Construction Solutions’ Chris White, Vice President of Operations and USMC Veteran himself discusses strategic recruiting for the SCRAP, “’Hire Character, Train Skill’ parallels the recruiting efforts of military branches seeking personnel they can train and mold to the standards they choose. Veterans are our target audience and as Veterans recruiting Veterans, not many can do it better. We are higher caliber employees; we are trained to have an acute sense of situational awareness, the experience to perform safely and efficiently plus the inherent desire to be a team player. As cliché as it may seem, Veterans always have a mission to complete and we are harnessing that in the construction industry.”

“We do what Veterans do best, which is setting high expectations for ourselves. We want to continue to grow and expand within the construction industry. As a result, we will have the ability to hire more and more Veterans. Also, we will have the resources to provide personal, financial and administrative aid to ensure our Veterans and their families experience happy and fulfilling lives.,” said Brittany Burton, Marketing Manager, USMC Sergeant and Veteran.

In addition to the demand for skilled laborers, Veterans have seamless transitions from combat related MOSs to the construction industry. The work parallels the conditions military personnel have become accustomed to: they enjoy working with their hands and accomplishing something tangible, plus experiencing the camaraderie of working through a difficult project while enjoying military humor and support. This is exactly why Adaptive Construction Solutions has adopted the phrase, “Missions change, Warriors don’t.”